"Feathers" Table Reading Completed

January 30, 2015

- 1 min read

The table reading for "Feathers", the version of The Devil's Due" (After the Prince of Darkness is fired from his job as the Senior EVP of Wickedness, Malevolence and Sin at Good & Evil, Inc., a privately owned family firm, the Archangel Michelle follows him to the Mortal Realm where she struggles to thwart his plan to convince unhappy people everywhere that their failures are not their fault, but his. Or maybe none of that happened, and Michelle is just a very sick lady.) told from Michelle's POV, was completed last Tuesday by Writers Under the Arch (WUTA), a writer's group I helped found some while ago.

Beginning tomorrow evening, they'll be reading, a few pages at a time, "Alternate States" (Paul Hastings, a professor of theoretical physics and an ambassador about to assume a new diplomatic post, is detained at Customs when three agents discover that his passport, seemingly legitimate in every way, is from a country that does not exist and never has. At first just Hastings, but over time the agents as well, move in and out of alternate realities to disastrous effect.).Since the element of chance determines whose work is read each Tuesday evening, this might take up through March or longer.