Couple Of Things...

September 11, 2015

- 1 min read

Just finished the first draft of a feature based on the short optioned a couple of months ago by Young Filmmakers Glascow. I like the feature, but no one's read it but me, not even Betty, who's typically the first reader. I did send it off to someone "looking for completed, feature-length scripts that challenge the rules of narrative structure and linear storytelling" via, which of course is contrary to the conventional wisdom that holds one does not submit something until it has been polished over and over again. But I took a chance with a first draft, since it looks to be what they were working for, and who knows, maybe it will resonate.

Just exchanged Facebook messages with Jack Edis ofYoung Filmmakers Glasgow (, who optioned the short, "An Incident at Customs", which he is developing in a different direction. Looks promising for being shot, maybe, sometime next month. Good hearing from him.

And the good news on Illusions of Cyn ( just keeps coming. This project is in very good hands.