Writers Under The Arch (Wuta) & Table Reads

September 15, 2015

- 2 min read

Over twenty years ago, I was the founder of this writers group, arguably, since I beat Cindy by an hour or so in calling the old Library Limited (once upon a time, the biggest independent book store in the nation) here in STL to ask them to sponsor, promote, and market this "thing" ultimately named WUTA. I left after a year or so after we got it off the ground, but Cindy stayed and has been leading the group since day one. In fact, when I announced that very first night that I was not in a position to lead this, she stepped up and has been stepping up ever since. I think she's missed, maybe, a half dozen nights in over two decades (which is a 99.5+% attendance rate!) and it's to her credit, more than anyone else's, that this is a great place to read your work and have it critiqued by other writers. L/L closed years ago, and since then the group has met in various locations. Currently, the group is "closed" in that there is not room for any newcomers, but they opened it up last year, which allowed me to return, and likely will do this again at some point, as these things seem to ebb and flow. The group has featured published writers of all kinds.

Since coming back to WUTA, I've read to the group:

  • "The Marksman of Death" -Logline:A former buffalo and bounty hunter with a mysterious past and an uncertain ancestry is hired by an unscrupulous railroad baron to find a murderer in the Old West.
  • "The Prototype" -Logline:Professor Kessler invents a walking, talking, seemingly-alive-in-every-practical-sense computer that will do whatever he wants it to do and in whatever form he wishes it to take. What could possibly go wrong with that?
  • "Original Cyn", which is currently being shot as "Illusions of Cyn", and
  • "The Devil's Due" - Logline:Abruptly fired as the Senior EVP of Wickedness, Malevolence and Sin at Good & Evil, Inc. (a privately owned family firm), the Prince of Darkness journeys to the mortal realm where he becomes a celebrity whose message to unhappy people everywhere is that their failures, shortcomings and character defects are not their fault, but his.)

In following "Illusions of Cyn" on Facebook (, they are continuing to make good progress.

Got a few nibbles for "Alternate States", but no requests for the script, yet.