Smoke - The Short

June 28, 2016

- 1 min read

Just posted a new short script on

"Smoke" (Logline: A diverse group of young people, who’ve just spent the summer working at an isolated, island resort that caters to the wealthy and eccentric, sit around a campfire along a seashore one evening, conversing, drinking beer and smoking weed. Seemingly innocent, unless they’re the vanguard of an extra-terrestrial invasion.)is a one-scene, 39 page short with 10 characters and lots of banter back and forth among people who have spent way too much time in one another's company and can hardly wait to leave the island, regardless of where they are going next.

Had to get their conversation out of my head. And, if writing this doesn't work, then maybe I'll pivot and work on it as a feature.

I just write what the voices tell me to write.