The "Soft Power" Of Film

February 14, 2017

- 1 min read

Joseph Nye, who coined the term “Soft Power” in a 1990 book,Bound to Lead: The Changing Nature of American Power, defined the term as existing “when one country gets other countries to want what it wants….”

Once upon a time (which was in 2016, by the way), the USA was the Light of the World. Now, however, with the election of the Charlatan-in-Chief and the ascendance of the Korporate Khristian Konfederacy (KKK), darkness has now descended upon the Republic, leaving us with three questions: How hard, how fast, and how far will we fall?

Film is an example of Soft Power. I’m for using it to entertain and also to overthrow, or at least dramatically undermine, the KKK and would welcome collaborating with others of a similar bent of mind.