Update - "The Cromleys Of Crumbly"

August 16, 2017

- 1 min read

Recently completed the "bible" for a TV series for this, with the original script being a two-hour pilot. Eight episodes a season, for five seasons.

I took a piece of stone from the Berlin Wall near Checkpoint Charlie before the fall of the Iron Curtain, while having a machine gun pointed at me. Yes, I was a foolish young man then and supposedly know better now than to take on too much. Even so, rather than sit back and passively watch the downward spiral of rural American and thus the collapse of the Republic, I’m interested in using the Soft Power of Film (or video, anyway) to dismantle the Korporate Khristian Konfederacy via such programming as “The Cromleys of Crumbly”. One rock at a time, if necessary. It’d be fun, and it needs doing.