The Great Cancer Adventure

October 11, 2017

- 1 min read

Chemo, which is Wednesdays, went a lot smoother today than last Wednesday, the first time. I might’ve had more than a bit of a bug and maybe that's what made last time really difficult. Or, perhaps it was because of the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico, as the infusion bags used for one of my meds, the steroid, is made there and nowhere else - we’re a population of 300 million in the richest country in the world and this product’s made in only one factory?!? – so I was given the pill version this second time which is perhaps not as effective. That the president, for whom I have such low regard under the best of circumstances, seemingly cares so little for Puerto Rico offends me deeply, since they are indeed a part of these United States, but now it’s as if he wants to kill me. How does he know I would never vote for him? Did Social Media tell him?

Chemo Brain Rants notwithstanding (and what I originally wrote in this regard is much, much more a rant than this milder revision reads)I can attest, not only is there such a thing as Chemo Rant, at least in my case, there is also such a thing as Chemo Brain, which is far more than mere forgetfulness or even the loss of mental acumen over time. Sometimes, I simply cannot pull a file out of the cabinet, as it were, even when I know where it is and am looking right at it. Also, being faced with such unsuspected bad news about my health (perhaps this is the reason), sometimes I simply cannot shut my mind off. For example, I’ve been waking up several times a night, more times than previously, for no apparent reason, (2:45 am seems to be my new companion), but I just lie there and eventually I get a little sleep somehow. Or maybe it’s the steroids. Or maybe my brain is really trying to kill me before the cancer does. Pity I cannot blame that on the president. We’ll see. More to follow.