The Great Cancer Adventure

December 26, 2017

- 1 min read

Having seen the STL Ortho Hip Doc last week, he said we had to make this hip thing work, as there really wasn’t a good alternative; I know what that means, which is, if it doesn’t work, I’m in a real bind, something I’d already worked out. He also said, while I was perhaps not as prudent as I should have been (in placing our carry-on luggage in Houston in the overhead compartment), the literature suggests chemo does a number on connecting tissue, which perhaps exacerbated the injury. Had the first of the PT sessions on the 21st, but unfortunately due the holidays, etc. the second of these won’t be until Tuesday 1/2, but the pace rolls on from there.

I'm on a walker, protecting my hip, and in a hip brace. The PT I’m using not only knows Ortho but also has had Oncology training as well, so we're covering both bases, but until that begins again I'm not certain how much I can do, but I do have some exercises and I am killing them!