Calendar 2018

January 01, 2018

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For New Year’s Eve, Betty and I met her brother Mike for dinner, and when I went to the toilet afterwards, plodding along on my walker, I felt what turned out to be little screws in the hip brace come out and fall down the inside of my pants leg and into my shoes. Good thing for that, or otherwise these screws being so small, might not ever have been found. The three of us went home, and they tried to put the screws back into place while I lay supine and still, as I wasn’t supposed to move much without the brace. (The ER Doc at the hospital in Houston failed twice to pop in my hip, and following protocol, tried to discharge me from the hospital, but I refused to go, so it was left to the Ortho Doc on call to admit me and try again, as he had a better bag of tricks. Even so it took three tries, which likely has taken its toll.) Finally, Betty and Mike got the screws all back in place, no mean feat.

Got an appointment with my STL Ortho Doc, who was able to have his Tech Guy make certain those little screws were where they needed to be; they were, thanks to Betty and Mike. I’m going to be doing 4-6 weeks of PT to build up my hip and leg, resulting from the artificial hip dislocation. The Ortho Doc desperately wants to avoid surgery, as he says there’s not a good alternative, so I do too. Consequently, I’ll work hard on the PT. The Great Cancer Adventure continues.

Essentially all my chores and other matters have fallen on Betty. I tell anyone who offers to help me/us, to ask her what she needs or wants. I cannot imagine doing this alone. She truly is The Champ.