The Great Cancer Adventure Continues....

January 09, 2018

- 1 min read

Next week's a crossroad (not to put too fine a point on it) in that there's a PT scan on early Tuesday, with PT and labs later that day, followed by a meeting with the Oncology Doc first thing Wednesday morning, where he'll give me the news, good, bad or otherwise about my current assessment and possible treatment options. I am hopeful of course, and yet at the same time working to manage expectations, so am expecting to hear further treatment of some sort is indicated; he told me at the beginning esophageal cancer is hard to treat, and I do have some pesky lymph node involvement at that same site, so we'll see. To further complicate matters, there is this business of the dislocated artificial hip, apparently exacerbated by recent chemo. Always something, right?

Grateful my son, Peter, can be with Betty and me for all this. He’s a stand-up guy; she’s The Champ; and I am a lucky man. During this Great Cancer Adventure, I don’t know where I would be we’re it not for The Babe, The Champ, Betty Ann O’Dea.