The Great Cancer Adventure Continues....

January 17, 2018

- 1 min read

After having a PT scan denied at the last minute by the new health insurance company earlier this week, the oncologist’s office held a peer-to-peer conference call with them and got it re-approved. I’ve called the hospital pre-certification staff to schedule it but so far haven’t connected; once that’s scheduled, I’ll see that Doc again for next steps. All this’ll hopefully fall neatly into place in a few days, so that not so much time will have been lost. Or so it seems.

One of the reasons this fell into place was Betty’s insistence the insurance company do its job. Both Peter and I, who were with her when she called the insurance company, were rather caught off guard and impressed, but really we shouldn’t have been surprised and maybe we even weren’t, that she can be fierce.

Part of why Betty was successful with the insurance company is because she was taught the secret handshake by someone who used to work in that world, someone who overheard our conversation about all this while waiting for my last PT appointment, and simply inserted himself in the discussion. Once again, I am a most fortunate man.