The Great Cancer Adventure Continues....

January 31, 2018

- 1 min read

As reported previously, I no longer have to wear the hip brace during the day but still need to wear it at night and otherwise take it easy with this injury. I am still on a cane, but I am back to driving, short distances during daylight anyway. Very light workouts at the gym aren’t far behind. Follow up with that doctor is in three months.

Met with the Radiation Oncology Doc Wednesday morning and so far anyway no residual effects from the radiation which ended a couple of months ago, so I don't need to see him for six months.

Tests to see if I still show "minimal residual disease" three months after the PET scan established that a couple of weeks ago, are scheduled for mid-April.

I am a most fortunate man. I’ve survived cancer, at least for now, and have enjoyed the embrace of family and friends. Wow!